Registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation
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Gatan Marayu means ‘protector of orphans’ in the local language, Hausa. GMF is based entirely in Kano, Northern Nigeria.We are a small group of dedicated women wanting to make a difference where we live. We know all our sponsored families personally so we can discuss, investigate, evaluate, listen and keep checks on how money is being used. We try to offer what is needed and directly useful to the widows. We have close relationships with the schools and training centers and pay fees directly each term. This allows us to keep updated on the situation of individual students, monitor their progress and encourage the children and families.



 The Founders


Anjali Hathiramani.

My name is Anjali Hathiramani. I am of Indian origin. I grew up in England where I completed my education and achieved a degree in Marketing and Management. I moved to Kano in 2002 after marrying my husband who is Indian but a long-standing Nigerian resident.

Living in Kano and seeing so much poverty it gives me pleasure and deep satisfaction to help children achieve an education and pave their way to a brighter future. It is truly uplifting to see the commitment and smiles of the children that are being educated by GMF. 

I have two daughters and love the fact that I can help other mothers who are in a less fortunate position than myself.



I am Ina Zein, of German origin. I was born in Kano in 1971 and schooled and studied in Germany and the UK. After having completed a post-graduate course in Homeopathy in Oxford, I moved back to Kano in 2002 to join my Lebanese husband and his family,    who    have deep roots in Kano.

Having a medical background myself, I am most interested in the help and financial assistance GMF offers to individuals with various medical problems ranging from eye-infections to HIV. I am grateful that GMF can bring relief to the neediest in times of biggest distress. 

I learnt about charity from my mother and I hope to pass it on to all my 5 children, insha- Allah. I learnt about compassion in the streets of Kano and I hope to make a small difference through GMF. Being born in Kano, I feel a deep connection to the people of this city. I pray that God will make it possible for GMF to reach out to the most vulnerable in even greater numbers.  



Rasha Ghaddar.

My name is Rasha Alkhatib Ghaddar. I’m a wife and a mother of two lovely daughters. I hold a degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut. Living in Kano, northern Nigeria was difficult at the beginning. I found myself surrounded by poverty and illiteracy.     

I’ve always been a fighter for a human’s right in having a good and decent life. Being brought up in a family where charity is a daily ritual raised that awareness in me. 


Helping, supporting and being able to make a significant change in vulnerable people’s lives added meaning to my life. Supported by my husband, family and friends, I continue my work every day hoping that I’ll be able to reach out to every single needy person. I have a great faith in God and in people. My dream, one day, is to be able to have GATAN MARAYU’S shelters and schools in all poor and troubled cities in Nigeria. FIGHT WITH ME TO MAKE IT A REALITY.



Maryana Fadlallah.

My name is Maryana Fawaz Fadlallah. Born on 21 November,1976. I'm of Lebanese origin but born and raised in Kano, Nigeria. I have been the Managing Director of JAM shop for 14 years. I'm married to a Lebanese who is a naturalized Nigerian, as are my parents. We are all fluent in the Hausa language.      

I'm so blessed that I met my dear colleagues and friends who share the same passion of unconditional charity work. Putting a smile on the faces of the deprived in the form of lending a helping hand is one of the most satisfying achievements one can experience. It strengthens my bond with my Creator and galvanizes my determination to share the blessings bestowed upon me with other fellow humans.

Charity after all is God's words unspoken. I pray God will bless our foundation and help us become stronger to help more people in all possible ways. 




I am a mother of four children currently in primary and secondary schools. I combine this role with managing my business: an MTN Nigeria Communications Limited franchise in Kano. I studied Law at the University of Maiduguri where I obtained an LLB degree in 1994. Subsequently, I secured a Bachelor of Law degree from the Nigerian Law School, Lagos in 1995. I served the Nation under the National Youth Service program, from 1995 to 1996, during which  I worked as a lawyer at the distinguished Law firm, Bently Edu & Co.  


Fortunate to grow up and attend school in various thriving and prosperous cities in my childhood, including Lagos, New York and Vienna, I moved to Kano and have lived here since 1997 when I got married. Living in Kano has exposed me to the acute poverty, suffering and underdevelopment prevalent in Northern Nigeria. I feel those of us that can play any role have a moral and religious duty to assist and empower the vulnerable people in our society in any way possible. 

GMF has given me an excellent platform and opportunity to help orphans and widows. The founders have a tremendous passion for the cause and sacrifice a lot to help others. It is an honor and privilege to be of help and it gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction to make a difference and touch the lives of people positively.  



Sophia Bayero.


I am a biochemist from the north eastern part of Nigeria, though I now reside in the city of Kano with my family. I have been inspired by the setting I found myself in the city, being exposed to various levels of people especially women at the grassroots level. This has given me the opportunity to understand various issues regarding the welfare of women and children in a society that is closely knitted by culture and religion. 


I have been engaged with women's reproductive health problems such as: obstetric fistula, HIV/AIDS and educating youths and women on sexuality education. I have a keen interest in research, some of which is documented, such as: a baseline survey on the level of awareness of HIV/AIDS on respondents in nomadic population, a study on social vulnerability and re-integration of women with obstetric fistula in Kano and a study on sexuality education in 14 post-primary public schools in Kano metropolis.  

A few volunteers and I have organized awareness programs for various groups of women and youths, on topics such as- sexuality education, prevention of maternal mortality and morbidity, and early childhood care and development. I have had a number of opportunities to attend various workshops, conferences and roundtable discussions at local, national and international levels, for about eight years now.   

I owe this all to the wide exposure of knowledge I gained over the recent years, ranging from an undergraduate degree in Sciences to postgraduate degrees in education, development studies and management.  

With this background, I am able to relate properly with the goals and objectives of a visionary organization such as Gatan Marayu Foundation (GMF).An organization which over the years has accomplished a lot in comparison to its recent take off in Kano. 


Sponsors Say:


"It's a known, indisputable fact that nurses are "angels of mercy". But for me this title doesn't stop with nurses.It spreads far and wide to individuals all over the world who take time out of their lives and their families' lives to help others and make a difference in this world, to fulfill the full potential of the word humanity and all it represents...

GMF is guided by such angels, who refuse to stop at merely helping those in need but insist on making a difference in people’s lives by educating and giving hope for the future. "

Tania and Ahmad Jaber, donors of GMF