The Joy of Living is Giving

Having fun raising funds.

The organization of events has helped to raise funds and awareness for GMF. We are able to reach out to a wider audience. Today what first appears to be an enjoyable afternoon or evening has actually achieved more supporters to our cause.

To date we have been responsible for organizing Bazaars, Puppet shows, Quiz nights and a Halloween Party.

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People are able to contribute as much or as little as they choose.  Even the smallest contributions whether they are financial or contributing time and hard work into an event all add up and make a big difference.

GMF have also held presentation nights, one of which was attended by the governor's wife and her entourage. The presentation nights offered a real insight into the work that GMF is doing within the community. Audiences were able to learn about the various cases that have been helped and the areas where more funding can be utilized. 



The process of giving.


Our solid foundation is the scholarships we offer to orphans; we have ten different schools presently with almost 200 students. We have about 10 individuals in tertiary institutions like colleges, universities and adult literacy courses. We have around 100 widows and guardians in training and trading ventures ranging from detergent making to sewing and food stuff selling. With your help we can do so much more! 




Sponsors Say:


"Having been born and raised in Kano, I am all too aware of the lack of resources, education, and opportunities that exist amongst the majority of her people. By contrast, so many of us, through no effort of our own but sheer luck, are able to lead comfortable and fulfilled lives. We have been supported countless times. We have had parents, teachers, and mentors, who encouraged us to take the next step and who celebrated with us when we were successful. It is my family's turn now, to look around, to give back, and to help those that desperately need help. We feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity through our involvement with GMF."

Conny and Hana Sterner