Halloween November 2012 - Time for another fundraising event!!!


After Kano's terrible bomb blasts in January 2012 an atmosphere of alarm, insecurity and angst spread all around minimising all activity in the town.After the summer break we felt it was time our kids had some fun again and a fresh wind of change was needed by everyone here. GMF held a Halloween Party at the Motor Club in early November 2012.

We entertained the children from 4-7.30 pm on a Saturday offering a multitude of games and stalls. At the 'Make-over Corner' kids could have faces and nails painted, tattoos applied and hair sprayed colorful. The 'Art Corner' offered the children 4 different kinds of art work. Grilled meat on sticks, burgers, hotdogs, cakes and Halloween cookies kept all our visitors happy. "Dangerous" catfish swam in deep waters which had to be crossed swinging on a handlebar from drum to drum - luckily only one child fell in....sorry, darling.


                                                                                                                                               The Mental Asylum as our Haunted House

The dark and dubious Haunted House and the mystical Fortune Telling in an arabian tent proved the most popular game - kids just love a scare and a dare!!!


We owe the success of this spooky event to all our helpers and friends who are never too busy, tired or exhausted to plan, help, decorate and man stalls supporting the cause of GMF and playing their own part for charity. No party or event of this size would be possible without you all. Thank you.





A part of the raised funds were used for baby food for abandoned babies from 0-3 months in Murtala Muhammad Hospital in Kano City.Another part was used to purchase blankets during the cold season (Harmattan) to help Kano's poorest stay warm in the very cold nights of December, January and February .


GMF hopes to make the Halloween party an annual event: see you all again next year!!!                                                                         

                                     Fortune Telling in our Arabian Tent                                                                       Fortune Telling In Our Arabian Tent