Even though GMF has a number of generous sponsors, many people prefer to support the charity by attending an event, choosing to donate resources even more precious than money -- their time, talent and energy. We appreciate the volunteers and participants who enthusiastically spearhead functions and attend activities. Whether it is Quiz Night, a puppet show, celebrating Women’s Day or organizing fast aid in times of crisis, like during the Kano Riots, GMF has discovered time and time again that people do care deeply about each other.

Aiding the needy after the Kano Riots.

Aside from that general warm and fuzzy feeling that accompanies helping those in need, our events are of mutual benefit to everyone involved. We believe that such charitable works promote a sense of community, bringing people from all walks of life closer together. The events provide an excellent opportunity for individuals and corporations to demonstrate their understanding of social responsibility by reaching out to those less fortunate than themselves. This in turn will help create a more compassionate and tolerant society in which children can grow up with the right tools to build that better future we all know is just around the corner.

GMF's puppet show.

Therefore, GMF is always glad to accept the time and effort of reliable and passionate volunteers to make our events and projects a continuous success. Take a look at our recent activities and then come help us catch the fun in fundraising!



Sponsors Say:


"To have an opportunity to make a change in someone's life .... That's what this foundation gave us. It’s such a great honor to be involved in giving people a chance for a brighter today and a brighter tomorrow. "

Khalil and Zainab Fadlallah, sponsors of 3 children in Hamdallah School