Gatan Marayu Foundation (GMF) believes that children deserve a good education and so we mostly sponsor children in private schools. In many cases the children previously attended the same school but had to leave when their father died and their mother could no longer afford the school fees. In other cases children have been placed in private schools near their homes, having previously been educated in government schools.


   Sumayyah and her brother.                Children in class at Cedar school.             

Sumayya and her brother                           Class at Cedar School,Kano

at Farmland School, Kano.


Sumayya’s father died a year ago. She was 11 at the time and her family decided that she should be married since they could no longer afford to keep her in school. A GMF sponsor is now paying her school fees. She has successfully completed her primary education and is now in secondary school.


Having had no access to education or training themselves, after the death of their husband many women find themselves destitute. GMF works to empower widows and the guardians of orphans through training-for-work programs and microbusiness initiatives.

Widow recieving a sewing machine from GMF.

This year we will be completing our second year of our trading and training programs to support the empowerment of guardians and widows. Last year, we helped 9 individuals who had successfully completed the YEDA tailoring courses. These individuals have since been given sewing machines which were kindly donated to us by a local business. Business start-up support is currently being provided to these individuals and they are also being closely monitored and will begin to payback small amounts to GMF.


We have 15 widows and guardians who are in our micro financing project. This project has proved to be successful in helping to improve the living standards of this group, as they are generating income through the profit that they are making via trading.


Sponsors Say:


"By the grace of God, we have been blessed with a family that has taught us the value of a good education and  we feel privileged  to know that we too, can be of great support to some children and hopefully give them the happiness and values that we have. We wish all of the children the best and special thanks to GMF, for giving us the opportunity to do so."

 Avisha and Jagdeesh Manglani