GMF offers help in serious health cases to all members of the GMF program and their families. We also assist in GMF- unrelated cases, as long as they are orphans, widows, poor or other vulnerable individuals. Doctors who know about GMF also contact us when they come across patients who cannot pay their bills. We have this agreement with some of the main hospitals in Kano: Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Murtala Muhammad Hospital, Nassarawa Hospital and the Meccah Eye Hospital.

A successful eye operation with help of GMF.

Eye sugery in cancer patient,3 years old


Isah’s Story

One morning, Dr. Bala from Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) made a phone call to GMF hoping that his request for funding would be accepted. He was calling on behalf of Isah Abdullah's mother, a widow of 5 children who had brought her tragically ill son to AKTH the day before. Isah - 13 years and unvaccinated - had contracted the lethal Tetanus infection. Members of GMF found the boy in critical condition and helped with a financial contribution to transfer him immediately to the IC-unit where he could be attached to a respirator and other life-saving  machines. 


Isah stayed in the ICU for 3 weeks, battling with death; doctors gave him a poor prognosis. The Kano State government then took on his medical bills. Weeks later Isah was visited by us in the children’s ward, having miraculously overcome the serious disease. On our way out we saw Isah waving goodbye to us.

Isah Abdullahi, on the road to recoveryGMF members with AKTH staff after visiting Isah

Sponsors Say:


The Gatan Marayu Foundation has enabled us to give back to the communities in which we live and do business; (the foundation is) compatible with ideals of transparency and accountability - important to institutional donors such as ourselves.  

On behalf of PETRICHOR Group and the Indian Cultural Association, Kano