At Gatan Marayu Foundation we quickly realized that while enabling the children of widows to attend school was important, it was not sufficient if the mothers themselves could not even afford to feed their children. So we have started to work on small income-generating and training-for-work programs with widows and other guardians. We support women and other family members to attend locally run courses to learn how to sew and make clothes. There is a small group who we are funding to continue to higher education. There are currently some 25 widows and caretakers involved in training and income-generating programs.


Adama's Story

Adama with her sewing machine in class.

Adama Ahmad at Giginyu Training Centre, Kano.

At the age of 23 Adama Ahmad lost her husband. She has two children. Having no education she was initially supported by neighbors. Her children’s school fees are now paid by a GMF sponsor and Adama herself attends an adult literacy and numeracy course. Adama and her brother, Umaru, have also completed GMF sponsored tailoring courses and both now work from home as tailors and are now able to support themselves.

Women in Adult Literacy program.




Having had no access to education or training many women find themselves destitute after the death of their husband and with many children to support. GMF works to empower widows and guardians through training-for-work programs and microbusiness initiatives.





Sponsors Say:


"In 2010, we learned about GMF by meeting one of its founders. She spoke to us specifically about 3 girls in need of help. Shortly thereafter, my family decided to financially support these 3 young girls after we met them at their home in Kawo and spent some time together. Since then, we have been involved in the girls' lives. Whilst we live far away in the USA, GMF has consistently and regularly given us updates of the girls' academic progress and more. GMF has mailed to us pictures of them and sent us their school report cards and progress notes. Both have allowed my family to stay connected and rejoice at the girls' academic progress and increasing maturity. Without any doubt, my family is grateful to GMF for its committed and skilled efforts to help children, teenagers and young adults and to do so, in a manner that allows the individuals to become educated and productive members of their communities. "

David and Fin Sterner